Domestic Gas Installations

The Gas market has increased annually by double figures due to the unreliable electricity supply. Currently Gas geysers is the fastest growing appliance in south Africa.

The domestic market is forced to go to a reliable and cost-effective energy for all their heating appliances. Water heating represents between 40 to 50% of the energy requirements of all households. With the addition of cooking it equates to 60%.

The Energy saving step solution would be as follow:

  • 1st step: Install a gas geyser for all bathrooms (see our GEYSER CALCULATOR)
  • 2nd step: Install a Gas Hob/Stove
  • 3rd step: Consider a small gas generator as backup power.

With this system you will have an immediate 30% saving on your full energy bill. And you will have a reliable energy source during all seasons and 24/7.


Leak testing of gas:

  • When you smell gas, it is an indication that you have a gas leak. The gas is not yet flammable, but if left unattended it will become a problem.
  • The easiest leak finding is with a soap water solution. Just spay onto the cylinders, piping, fittings and hoses.
  • Any bubbles will indicate a leak. If you have a gas leak , just close the gas and contact a gas installer.