Professional Gas Piping Services cc

We are a Gas Project and Design company that has a combined 55 years of Gas Engineering experience in the gas and related industries.

Our engineering and gas market experience offers our market a complete solution from feasibility to project completion with 5 specialised divisions:

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Project Engineering:

A team that project manage from Cradle to Key for LPgas bulk storage sites , Import terminals , gas filling sites , Hazardous chemical storage and processing plants including transmission , distribution and reticulation pipelines for housing developments all over southern Africa.

Technology Engineering:

A team focused on engineering telemetry and plant monitoring using a range of instruments and GSM network web interface. This allow the gas and related customers of this industry to remotely monitor storage levels, gas detection , O2 levels , temperature and any other processing equipment.

Pre-paid billing:

A team offering various LSM housing developments the opportunity to offer occupants a pre-paid gas metering solution that includes water and electricity. The web interface are linked to a banking interface that allows purchases of airtime and security providers. A painless transaction facility via mobile phones and internet without access to any meters.


A gas equipment warehouse, selling gas hardware to the gas installer’s trade and the distribution of various products to gas dealers throughout Southern Africa. Offering gas installer companies a one stop wholesaler of all various piping systems used in the gas industry.


Gas piping services have been providing training for 15 years. We specialize in various Gas training programs for the Industry; from Cylinder filling, Tanker operator, Risk Assessor and customer education training. As a Gas CHIETA assessors we are busy with further training development for the industry.


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