Commercial Gas Installations

Various high rise building ( offices and blocks of flats ) are now utilizing Natural gas for its power requirement and have set itself up ready as an IPP. Most office blocks equipped with staff and public kitchens are piped up with gas for either the neighbourhood Natural gas pipeline or LPGas storage facility.

For high rise buildings we frequently supply the hot water via our gas boiler systems with great success .

Gas Boiler Systems

The most urgent energy requirement for commercial and domestic use is WATER HEATING. Traditionally SA used electric geysers , and then moved to solar heating. Heat pumps are also used widely , but non of these technologies give more than 20 years product life. With the lower fuel prices the demand for gas will increase and more companies will change to gas water heating.

Gas boiler systems are currently the fastest growing water heating technology due to various factors.

  • It works independent of the sun or large power switchgear.
  • It uses a small space. In fact, only require a wall.
  • Gas boilers require no water storage tanks
  • It is the cheapest technology on the market.
  • It requires not large electrical breakers and switchgear.

Architects and property developers now realize the long-term benefits of a gas boiler systems as it has the least maintenance cost of all other technologies in water heating. With just basic information on the number of bathrooms , and the number of occupants in a building , we can give an accurate estimate of the capital cost and the anticipated gas costs per month.

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