GPS Agencies


VEGA is a world class supplier of reliable and accredited monitoring equipment for all type of vessels and plant processing equipment.


LIQUITEL is an innovative supplier of LPGas and other fuel plant telemetry and tank level monitoring. Their range of products are custom designed to fit the specific needs of every customer.


WAC is GPS’s equipment supplier and hosts our tank level monitoring for fuel and LPGas storage vessels throughout Southern Africa


BOSCH is the supplier with a wide range of reliable and affordable gas and electric appliances. Their new range of gas geysers raised the bar in consumer centric products in South Africa.


I.T.O is a reliable supplier of European manufactured gas regulators and telemetry linked equipment for the growing South African market. Their equipment is suitable for our commercial market where customer retention is critical.


Neptune is the leader in Liquid and gas metering for gas plants and road tankers. Their household name in the industry is witness of their reliable equipment and their new Coriolis mass flow meters have taken various international markets.


MEVACO have designed and proven it’s quality in the Liquid propane and butane pump market. Their products have withstand the test of time in the aerosol market and have gained current markets in the LPGas industry.


PLASSON supplies and distributes a large range of approved HDPE fittings and valves throughout the world. Their innovative products leads the industry and their name as reliable stockist and supplier have earned them the first place in SA.