Gas Projects

The design, supply and installation of LPGas is a well regulated and legislated industry. Our safety record is high and like GPS , all gas projects must be submitted for approval prior to installation.

In all cases we compile a full handover file with all legally required approvals, certification, testing and commissioning documents. This gives the customer and the insurance companies the peace of mind that the infrastructure is safe and will last for years.


The Steyn City - City Centre project consist of a multi-story housing development with apartments and commercial premises where gas will be used for hot water generation , space heating and cooking. This first phase of construction are due for occupation 2021. Gas mains are required from both sides of the service mains for the first 295 apartments

The Gas supply is from a LPGas mains fed from a remote storage facility covering the whole Steyn City development.

The gas infrastructure consist of mains steel piping in the service tunnels below the building , which feeds various cores that rises in the centre of each block.  Gas is measured via approved meters that is installed in the tunnels before the riser into the cores. The steel vertical feeds in the cores supplies gas into the ceilings of the corridors to various shafts next to the apartments.

The shafts houses the gas geysers and gas meters with piping feeding the gas appliances inside each apartment.

Overall GPS will install 10 973m of steel Piping, 200m HDPE Piping, 7 351m of PEX –AL-PEX Piping, 61 x Gas Braai’s, 295 x Gas Hobs, 302 x Gas Geysers, 295 x Gas G4 Meters and 10 x Gas Bulk Meters for the first phase of this project.


Northern Expansion is an extension to the current Steyn City infrastructure that consist of new access roads and services to the northern area of Steyn City.

GPS has been appointed to install 1 530m of HDPE Piping and fittings underground. All fittings will be electrofusion welded. The installed piping and fittings will be for the future development stands in Steyn City development complex.

In terms of the Pressure Equipment Regulation of the OHS Act 85 of 1993 all the piping are subjected to a pressure test , witnessed by an AIA (Authorized Inspection Authority) and QCP’s are part of the normal process.


The project required detail assessment of various SANS standards to ensure that all hazardous products will fit into the same area. A full project design team was used and the client was issued with a full handover package including training of staff.

Plant included:-

  • 45m3 Dimethyl Ether storage
  • 35m3 Carbon Dioxide
  • 1000 litre drums R 152a
  • 1000 litre drums Ethanol

Ventilation design.
Hazardous chemical detection system.
Flammable liquid storage room design.
Product piping design , supply and installation.
Production and warehousing detection and interlocking plant safety control.


Steyn City is completing Phase 2 of its top School development that entails mainline reticulation to 3 Laboratories and 1 x Geyser in the Maintenance building.

GPS has installed a main 90mm gas infrastructure future feed pipeline to the future retail section at Steyn City and will be linked to the mains piping in the roads. The gas supply is metered through one of the many bulk meters installed as part of Phase 1. The meter is situated on the boundary servitude on the road side to allow ease of access.

There are 3 Laboratories that GPS installed , 13 x Bench Cocks (Single Burner) , 1 supply point and a shut of Valve to a Fume Cabinet in each Lab.

The gas supply point for the School development will be the mains piping supplying the Steyn City development.

GPS have installed 651m of HDPE Piping and fittings underground. All fittings are electrofusion welded and complies to the SANS standards and the Pressure Equipment Regulation.


One of the top developments on Steyn City development is the prestigious 104 on Creek.

The 105 units consist out of 4 housing blocks. Each housing type will have the same gas infrastructure and will be linked to the mains piping in the roads. The gas supply will be metered through a pre-paid billing system with the water and electricity. The meters are all situated in service shafts of each unit to allow ease of access to all meters.

Each unit is equipped with the best international gas geyser and gas hob.The gas supply point for the housing development is via the mains piping supplying the Steyn City development.


The Zebra project is the staff accommodation for a large international delegation that consists of 10 x Staff Houses, main canteen and Laundry.  Each housing type will have the same gas infrastructure and will be linked to the mains piping in the roads.

GPS have installed 62 x Gas Geysers to supply hot water to the respective Houses, Canteen and Laundry. GPS installed of 3 off 10x10 LPGas manifolds including electric vaporizers to supply the Houses, Canteen and Laundry with LPGas through HDPE underground reticulation.


The first elevated buried LPGas bulk storage site approved in SA. This LP Gas project under Easigas supplies gas to the 18 restaurants inside this Sun International multibillion Casino. LPGas Training was given to 120 staff to ensure safe use of LPGas.

All schedule 40 steel piping at 6 floors and various shafts was tig welded and tested to SANS standards. All restaurants was fitted with gas meters linked to the BMS and the bulk storage area is protected by the Liquitel gas detection system with tank level monitoring to Easigas control room.

A SLA was agreed with Time Square casino to ensure routine maintenance of the full gas infrastructure.


This plant has upgrade to a large flammable liquid store, as well as legal compliant flammable bulk storage of Resins, Solvents and other chemical products.

The plant included full chemical detection system linked to a new plant ventilation system to ensure staff safety.

The project client, Zenprop required full legal compliance of the building and plants to ensure low risk insurance.

This 1st phase of the upgrade allowed Imperial paint to use this as a marketing project to gain further market share in this competitive market.

Summer Ridge - Umhlanga

The new apartment block, Summer Ridge in Umhlanga is now complete.

This high quality, relaxed lifestyle and pet-friendly environment has 152 apartments. GPS was appointed to provide the LPGas water heating and hobs plus gas braais for the penthouse units.

Gas is fed from the cylinder gas store on ground level, via an electric vaporiser into a ring header and then up the various utility ducts to provide safe, reliable and efficient energy to all floors.

On busy construction sites, GPS prides itself on good co-ordination and planning to make gas installations as easy as possible! Safety of our workers is our highest priority, and this is a key focus area that is critical to our customers too. All large construction companies strive to achieve zero lost workdays due to injury and GPS is proud to be committed to this as well.