Gas Training

With 42 years of Gas experience and GPS and offer free advice to any Gas installer, gas company, consulting engineers and property developers. Our team are continually involved in gas feasibility studies for companies investigating gas as an energy source.

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Latest Projects

A gas equipment warehouse, selling gas hardware to the gas installer’s trade and the distribution of various products to gas dealers throughout Southern Africa. Offering gas installer companies a one stop wholesaler of all various piping systems used in the gas industry.

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LPG and Fuels are being stored in bulk tanks in remote locations requiring a reliable and trustworthy means of remote level monitoring.

The days of having to do visual level checks and reporting is over.

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We assist all potential business that want an efficient energy source with technical gas info, gas designs, gas projects, bulk storage and flammable liquid stores as well as various training courses.

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Professional Gas Piping Services cc

55 years
of Gas Engineering experience

We are a Gas Project and Design company that has a combined 55 years of Gas Engineering experience in the gas and related industries. Our mission is to provide training and training material to meet the highest quality needs.

To develop knowledge, skill and attitude and recognize prior learning in our trainees with the purpose of developing individuals into highly motivated, effective, efficient, productive and service focused employees who can truly be fulfilled in their careers.

Gas as primary energy source

Gas is currently the most reliable energy source, which can be used for ALL heating applications in any household.

Gas has been widely used in America, Europe and Australia for the last 50 years and now increasingly offers South Africans an efficient alternative to electricity.

Local electricity prices have increased by 350% in the last 10 years with no end in sight, resulting in 34 private housing developments (21 000 houses) and 1 200 000 private families now using gas as a Primary Energy Source in their homes.

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Gas replaces 53% of a household’s Electrical consumption and guarantees more than a 30% saving on your energy bill